About Hanselina

Hanselina….is a blind marmalade tabby cat.  Her original name was Hansel, as the marmalade gene typically only shows up in males.  Her sister, a lovely long haired calico, just like the feral mother Millie, was Gretel and she because she could see got a home.  Hansel being blind we kept. There were originally 3, Hansel, Gretel and Hercules.

The parents, Millie and Pascal, of whom Hanselina is a spitting image, are cats that belonged to the house next door, except they were foreclosed upon and the family moved to Arizona leaving  the cats behind.  The cats then went wild, though they still hung out at the abandoned building for along time until another family across the street, the Kowalicks, took Millie and gave her an outside shelter and food; we took Pascal.

Millie had lots and lots of kitten after that group, because she is hard to catch, but this set we saved, as it was next door, in the basement and one of the kids crept in and stole the lot. They were very small and malnourished and I hand fed them and cared for them until they were old enough to place and we did that with Gretel because I was heavily allergic to her, but kept calico Herc and blind Hansel.


Herc was a gorgeous white calico, prettier than her black calico mother, so she was a natural.  Unfortunately she was also rather wild, even though she had spent her whole little 9 month life with us, it was hard taming her.  Then one day, when the front door was open and I was  getting deliveries, Herc made a break for it & ran away ,all out of nowhere. I spent forever trying to lure her back in but got nowhere and then she got in a dog fight, because she was stupid,  and he killed her.  Broke my heart.  RIP Hercules.

Hanselina being blind won’t venture out and as time passed lo and behold he went into heat and I changed her name to Hanselina.  Even the vet was surprised.  My husband still stubbornly calls her Hansel, she listens because in reality Hanselina is his cat.  She adores him, and he who was never a cat person, loves her.  A happy ending indeed.



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