Fiber as Hair, Yuni Kim Lang


When I had long hair, really long hair, someone mentioned this idea to me, that was about twenty years ago, because of the rage with Victorian hair ornaments. This may have been longer, but the idea they had was small “hair brooches” — looks like hair embroidered onto portraits.  Maybe twenty years, now that it’s 2017, isn’t far enough back.  Hard to say, but the more I think of it, the more I think it was my buddy Wilma out in Commack.

I did think about it but I dunno, it didn’t gell.  Perhaps I was too busy running around and having a good time to settle on such things.  Perhaps…no I think that was it.

But i don’t have long hair anymore.  I cut it all off when my Mum died eight years ago and have slowly let it grow back.  This lady, thirty year old Yuni Kim Lang,  from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan via Seoul, did a similar thing only she went large scale, and wild.  We did not think of that.


from American Craft Magazine, March 2017