Making and Using Thin Starch

Thin Starch is used for skirts and dresses when a stiff finish is not desired i.e. for something shiny but not  firm.  i.e.  men’s shirt waists.

  1.    1/2 cup starch, mixed with 1/2 cup cold water
  2.     3 quarts boiling water
  3.     Other ingredient above from thick start if necessary
    1. like lard or kerosene or even turpentine
  4.     Cook for at least 25 minutes.  Stir frequently to prevent sticking & formation of a skin.
  • “Cooking thin” with alum does not affect the strength of the starch mixture and is an advantage when a stiff starch is desirable and the thick mixture would be inconvenient to handle.
  • Using  alum, starch may be made thin without dilution. Alum has been objected to by some persons as being somewhat injurious to fabrics.
  • #3 –Other ingredients like wax, paraffin, turpentine, lard, butter
    • Oily substances are used to add a smoothness, gloss, and finish, to prevent the starch from sticking to the iron, and to aid in preventing the absorption of moisture.

    Alternatives are gum arabic, white glue, and dextrin.

  • Substances resembling glue are used with starch to increase its stiffening power. They are sometimes used alone when the white color of starch is considered a disadvantage in stiffening colored fabrics.